Gift Guide for the Homebody

Candle || Speaker || Slipper || Robe || Book || Throw || Top || iPad || Pajamas || Fragrance || Mug

When "the weather outside if frightful, and the fire is so delightful," all I want to do is stay home.  I absolutely LOVE a cold, rainy day where I can stay in my pajamas, curl up on the couch and watch movies all day.  There is just something about the frigid temperatures that turns me in to a true homebody.  So with that in mind, today I wanted to cater the gift guide to the homebody in your life!  You know you have that person who loves to stay home and be lazy, (which is absolutely ok!) so you should cater to their desires this Christmas season.  I have rounded up some ideas I know I would love for my lazy days so hopefully this will inspire you as well! Stay cozy!

  1. A Good Candle - Even if your friend does not stay at home ALL the time, a candle is a great gift!  This particular scent from NESTis amazing and smells exactly like a Christmas tree!
  2. Speakers - I love a good blue tooth speaker that allows me to turn up the volume at home.  There are so  many great brands out there (at various price points) so this might be just what your friend needs!
  3. A Robe - If you are anything like me, when you travel and stay at a nice hotel, the first thing you check for are bathrobes.  There is no better feeling to me than when I am able to hop out of the shower, right in to a cozy robe!
  4. Coffee Table Books - Who doesn't love some great decoration for their coffee table?  I know I do!  And I even love looking through my books when I am lounging round!
  5. A Soft Throw - If a cozy robe is not an option, wrap up in a cozy blanket! And make the couch look pretty!
  6. iPad Pro - I know I like to do a lot of my work at home.  When I can grab my laptop, plan content and watch television at the same time, I am winning.  I am so intrigued my the new iPad pro though and thought this would be a great option for someone who loves technology!
  7. Pajamas - Any good pajamas really.  Who doesn't love a pajama party?
  8. Fragrance - Whether you wear it out on the town, or for the comfort of your own home, it is the best feeling when your house starts to smell like your favorite scent, am I right?
  9. Coffee Mug - During my cozy time at home, I am either drinking coffee or hot chocolate.  I love any cute mugs to hold my tasty treat!