Gift Guide for the Traveler

Backpack || Passport Holder || Laundry Bags || Cord Case || Sunglasses || Suitcase || Camera || Language Set || Headphones

Christmas is right around the corner, which means I have already started my Christmas shopping.  I am definitely one that is guilty of starting months in advance, because when I see something I think someone will like I will buy it and "save" it for holiday or birthdays.  This year I wanted to put together different gift guides for you all to help answer that awkward question, "what do you want for Christmas?"  Hopefully these will give you ideas for those in your life who might be difficult to buy for!  There will be themed guides, so to start, we are targeting the traveler.  Everyone has that person their life that loves to travel.  I mean, I am definitely that person for my people!  But really, I love experiencing new places/cultures, so I am usually always asking for flights or hotels on my Christmas list.  And while it is not always easy to buy someone a flight, there are plenty of items out there that are helpful for all sorts of vacations!  So here I am sharing a few gift ideas of things I do not travel without!

  1. A backpack, or large tote bag - When we go on long vacations, I bring a ton a stuff.  From books to cameras to sunglasses, you name I most likely have it in my bag.  That is why it is SO helpful to have a large bag that is easy and comfortable to wear!  There are so many great backpack options out there right now, just find the one that suits their personality!
  2. A passport holder - I mean, no this is not a necessity to travel overseas, but your passport is!  So why not make it look cute?!?
  3. Laundry bags - This is something I truly need because I never have anywhere to put my dirty clothes!  Then I will try to use one of those plastic bags from the hotel, but I usually tear a hole in it some how, so these cute Kate Spade bags would be a great option!
  4. Charger case - Between all the electronic devices I have to have when we travel I have about ten different chargers.  You may not actually think about it until you have one, but a case to keep those cords organized is life changing!
  5. Sunglasses - I mean, any excuse for a new pair of sunnies!
  6. Suitcase - It is so important to have a durable suitcase that you love.  Jon Luke and I have a Tumi set that we use, but I have had my eye on hard shell luggage now.  This Bric's Luggage piece is beautiful and will keep your stuff safe, while make you look stylish.
  7. Camera - Any camera really.  But who doesn't love to take pictures when they travel?  I know I am excessive on our trips but one of our favorite toys is our Go Pro.  We use it all the time for both pictures and videos and LOVE it!
  8. Language tutorial - For those who love to go abroad, a language tutorial would be perfect!  It is always fun to try to learn some of the language before heading to a new country, and Rosetta Stone is a great (and easy) option!
  9. Headphones - I love my noise cancelling headphones for the plane ride.  They allow me to sleep better, hear my music more clearly, and quiet down the crying baby behind me!