Missing Nashville

For the first part of Thanksgiving, Jon Luke, his sister and I spent a few days in Nashville.  Guys, I cannot express to you how much I LOVED it!  I mean seriously, I could move there tomorrow.  There is so much going on down on Broadway, but if you aren't in to the country music scene, there are SO many other fun things to do!  We had a great time discovering the city and seeing the sights.  I am definitely going to put together a list of my favorites for you all so stay tuned for that!

Coat | Jacket | Top | PantsShoes | Sunglasses

When we first arrived in Nashville, Jon Luke and I made our way to Broadway while we were waiting for his sister.  On the way there we passed this little spot called The Listening Room and naturally we had to stop for a picture opportunity.  We had just gotten off the plane so I was in my comfortable, travel wear.  This plaid shirt is SO soft and easy to travel in (as it in does not really wrinkle!) and my Vince sneakers are perfect to get through security.  Easy on and off is always a thought while I am getting dressed for the airport!  The weather was cold in Nashville so I had my grey coat with me to keep warm, because I was not going to miss a rooftop bar opportunity!