New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is always something I look forward to.  A few years back, a friend of mine asked me what my plans were for New Year's Eve and I simply responded with a shrug of my shoulders.  This did not sit well with her and when I asked why, her response was perfect.  She said, "Taylor, you have to figure something out and do it confidently.  If you sit at home or don't have a plan, then you are walking in to the new year blindly.  But, if you walk in to the new year with your head high and a confident attitude, then you will be able to handle anything life throws your way, because that is how you started the year."  Now do I think this means I have to be at the nicest party on New Year's Eve?  Not at all.  BUT, I do agree that whatever it is you decide to do for the holiday, do it confidently.  Have fun, get a little wild, kiss someone at midnight.  But be proud of you and what you have accomplished in 2016, and start 2017 off on the right foot, and with a ton of confidence.

Jumpsuit | Shoes (old similar here and here)

When we plan for New Year's Eve, I typically have an outfit picked out before I know where I will be.  It is funny because sometimes I will have something extremely fancy picked out, and we end up having people over to the house in jeans and a tee shirt, while other times it is the exact opposite.  One thing I know for sure when I am getting dressed for the new year, is that I love classic black looks, or sequins.  This year, I turned to Rent The Runway for many of my holiday looks, and LOVED this jumpsuit.  It is a great option for a New Year's Eve party, but can also be worn at many other occasions.  The cutout detail adds a sexy feel, but the wide leg pant gives the image of a full skirt which is perfect.  It is classic, with a twist, and I will definitely rent it again!  I have linked some great New Year's Eve options from Rent the Runway below so check them out!

Photos by Darian Kayce Photography