On A Boat

One of our days in Mexico we set out to do a little fishing.  The boat was beautiful and everyone on board was SO nice and helpful!  We went through Off the Hook Charters who were absolutely incredible.  With an early morning departure, we watched the sun rise, had lines in the water at all times, and ate great food while riding around Cabo San Lucas.  We ended up catching a ton of tuna and had it fresh for dinner the following night!

When we were coming in the crew told us to get ready to feed the sea lions.  In my mind I guess I was thinking they would swim behind the boat as we threw fish to them, but no.  They literally push up on the back of the boat and you put the fish in their mouths!  They were SO cute and would just take a couple of fish until they were full then would be on their way.  It was amazing and I have to admit, I took a selfie with him!

Cover up: Sundress; Bathing Suit: Mara Hoffman; Sunglasses: Dior