So by now I am sure you all can tell that I LOVE pictures.  Last year Jon Luke and I went to Paris to celebrate our one year anniversary and I thought it would be really special to have pictures taken while we were there (I will have to share those soon).  As the blog has grown, we have had the opportunity to work with many amazing photographers around the U.S., providing us with fun pictures of the two of us.  All of that being said, this got me thinking for our trip to Greece.  I began to do some research and decided again that it would be special to have pictures done while in Santorini.  Again, I know...this is very excessive.  BUT, I am SO happy we took these photos and am so thankful for Les Anagnou Photographers! Paul and Yiota were amazing to work with, and we had so much fun wandering the streets of Santorini with Yiota to capture these amazing images!