Snow Bunny

While in Winter Park, we pretty much skied the entire time (JL did not want to miss any opportunity to hit the slopes).  Both Friday and Saturday when we were done, we decided to hang out in the Winter Park Resort area, relaxing and taking in the food and shops they had available.  We ended up getting coffee each morning while we walked around and stopped at Goody's (a creperie/bar) each day when we were done.  The resort area is so cute and looks like it could be the set of a movie, so it was fun to hang out and explore!

Jacket | Leggings | BootsHat | Sunglasses

When I decided to plan this little getaway I immediately began to shop for new ski stuff.  My ski attire was old, or did not fit anymore so it was time to invest in new pieces.  I found this jacket on sale at The North Face, and of course my boots were marked down at J. Crew.  I am always excited to find a good sale so these items were the perfect investment for Winter Park and future ski trips!