Summer Dresses

So, I am a sucker for a good dress.  If I can wear one dress to multiple functions/events, I am 100% sold.  Working in an office regularly, I have to have attire that is appropriate, but being who I am, I always want to look good/feel confident.  Typically when I try things on, or am considering a purchase, I ask myself "can I wear this to more than one place?"  If the answer is yes, then I am good to go.  With this being said, one item I love filling my closet with is dresses.  They are easy, comfortable and (most of the time) light enough for this Louisiana humidity.  Being able to wear one dress to multiple locations, or with a variety of accessories is an easy way to create new looks!

Dress | Shoes (old similar here) | Bag | Sunglasses

I bought this lace Diane von Furstenburg dress almost three years ago (on sale).  The good news is it still exists in multiple color options!  But for real, I wear it ALL the time in the summer.  To work, for date night, to a wedding, you name it, I have probably worn it there.  It is the perfect amount of "fitted" and the color is so fun.  The lace material makes it a perfect option for summer, allowing me to get a lot of use out of it.  I really think I am going to go back and get it in another color!

Photos by Darian Kayce Photography