The City of White

One of the most well known things about Santorini (and one of the things I loved) is how the towns are like little white cities sitting at the top of the cliffs.  I did not know what to expect completely when we first arrived, but I was blown away.  Sometimes pictures can be deceiving, but Santorini is just as beautiful (if not more beautiful) than all of the pictures I had seen online.  I absolutely love these little cities of white and am missing it every day!

Dress | Shoes | Bag

For our second evening in Santorini we had dinner at this little restaurant called Ambrosia.  When I say little, I think there were eight tables in the entire spot and the views were incredible (one of the images above was our view from the table!).  I had been dying to wear this Kendall and Kylie dress during our trip and love how it looked for our date night in Greece.  Jon Luke kept referencing Marilyn Monroe because I kept twirling in the dress!  I mean, why not right?