Travel Essentials

Sunglasses || Leggings || Shoes || Jacket || Headphones || Top || Backpack || Hat || Passport Holder || Luggage Tag

So Jon Luke and I love to travel.  From larger trips oversees, to weekend getaways to the beach, I love visiting new places.  Even when we return to places we have been previously, it is fun to find new spots to try, making it feel like it is our first time there!  One thing I have learned through our travels is that there are certain things I need to have with me on our trips.  With a fun labor day adventure on the horizon, I wanted to share my list of travel essentials that will help make long flights or annoying delays a little bit better!

Comfortable attire - When we take long trips, my go-to look is leggings, a comfy top and a denim jacket.  Never fails, every time I end up wearing the same thing (JL finds it entertaining).  I get cold easily so I want to make sure I am covered, but comfortable.  Other times, when our flights are shorter (and I know we will hit the ground running when we get to our destination), I travel in my tee shirt dress, or soft maxi skirts, that will keep me comfortable, yet chic.

Jacket | Top | Leggings | Shoes | Hat

As you can see above, when we traveled to Greece a few months back I was all about comfort for our long flight.  But below, we hopped on a quick flight to Dallas so I switched it up wearing a soft (yet stylish) dress!  You can also see from both of these looks that I love wearing hats when I travel.  I do not know what it is about airplanes, but my hair never looks as good when I get off the flight.  Quick fix?  Throw on a hat and fluff my pony tail.  (I am telling you all of my secrets!)

Dress | Jacket | Shoes | Hat

Headphones - Another item I absolutely have to have with me when we travel are my headphones.  For Christmas, Jon Luke gave me a pair of theBeats by Dre headphones and I love them.  They cancel out the noise and allow me to focus on my reading material, or a good nap!

Bag | Phone Case | Headphones

Luggage and Accessories - Finally, good luggage is a must.  My dad is an avid Tumi fan, so it was inevitable when I graduated (or was given new luggage) it would beTumi, and I don't mind it at all.  I LOVE our Tumi bags we have accumulated over the years, as they have lasted FOREVER!  On that note, both JL and I have black luggage.  Our entire set; all black.  I love this because it is classic, but sometimes it is difficult to find our bags!  An easy fix?  Add a cute luggage tag like this one from GiGi New York to make your bag your own!

Traveling is something I try not to take advantage of, but I also know that I have to be patient and almost always expect something to go wrong.  Even when things happen that alter our plans, I try not to stress, and enjoy the process as much as possible.  My travel must-haves keep me comfortable on my journey and help me to enjoy these exciting trips!