Travel Style

My holiday travels have begun and today I am heading home for Christmas!  I cannot wait to be back in Texas and enjoy some time with my family.  It is always so nice to go home, see the fam and enjoy my favorite foods all week!  I genuinely miss Tex Mex so that is usually one of the first places I stop when I get home.  Any Mi Cocina fans out there?  This year I am also excited to get some time at Soul Cycle since we do not have that in Louisiana!  (I can work off my Mexican food!) But really there are so many things I cannot wait to eat/see while I am home, so I am looking forward to it!

Jacket | Top | Pants | Hat | Shoes | Sunglasses | Duffle Bag

As you have seen if you follow me consistently, we have been traveling a lot lately.  Quick flights, long flights, road name it we have probably done it.  I will say my travel style varies based on the length of the flight or what we are doing when we arrive to our destination, but typically I like pants and a long sleeve because I am always cold!  For the purpose of today's post, I rounded up a comfortable and easy look to incorporate into your travel attire.  Comfortable denim, a button down or soft long sleeve (and shoes that will make your walk through security a quick one) are a must!  Jon Luke gets so frustrated with me when I wear something that requires me to sit and "re-dress."  So MOST of the time, I try to stick to easy (and comfortable) with my attire!

Photos by Darian Kayce Photography