Welcome to Mykonos

Our time in Greece so far has been amazing.  From the minute we arrived in Mykonos, everyone was so helpful and so nice.  Our hotel, The Royal Myconian Collection, is possibly one of the most beautiful and unique places I have ever stayed.  Built up on the cliffs, our room over looks turquoise waters that seem to go for days.  The white buildings really are everywhere here, and I am in love!

Dress is For Love and Lemons (sold out but I love this one and this one) | Shoes | Bag

We arrived in Mykonos after a long day of travel so we freshened up and decided to stay at the hotel for dinner.  Again, our hotel was AMAZING, and treated us to drinks and dinner on them to welcome us to the hotel.  As you can see, the bar area of the hotel did not lack in views, and the food was great!  We were able to relax and rest up for the trip ahead!