Let's be adventurers.

When I decided I wanted to create fashion blog, I quickly realized that my fashion choices can easily be altered by the world around me.  The city and the environment influence how I choose to dress.  Cultures and experiences help to shape me, therefore impacting the daily choices I make.  So with that being said, fashion is not the only thing I am in love with.  The adventures that influence my fashion choices are just as important, so why share those as well?

Jon Luke and I are still in that newlywed phase and decided that we wanted to travel before we settled down.  I love to travel.  It is

important to me to see the world and what all it has to offer, so taking that time now is our version of a baby.  So as I mentioned earlier, I feel that my fashion and travel go hand-in-hand simply by how I am able to create new looks based on these adventures.  By allowing different cultures to play a role in my day-to-day fashion, I am able to experience trends that I may have otherwise neglected.  As I have mentioned previously, I want my fashion choices to tell a story about who I am as a person.  Traveling is part of who I am, so it is my goal to continue to share that with you as well.  Let’s be adventurers.  And look good while we do it.